Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Life is getting easier with 3 kids

There have been many days I have sat and wondered when things would start to get easier with balancing raising 3 kids and having a business and being a wife and running a household... Today I feel like it is actually getting easier. It could be that we are on week 2 of the Christmas break, it could be that the kids have all kinds of new toys to busy themselves with, it could be that I've been spending a lot less time on the computer, or that my mad skillz as mom-in-chief are finally paying off. Who knows? Mainly I am grateful to have this thought pass through my mind and wanted to capture it here. Honor that moment of bliss where the house is clean, the kids are playing and I can just enjoy listening to the sound of happy for a little bit. Since my birthday is Friday, I think that the stars are just aligning perfectly to give me a little slice of heaven.

And as I sit here editing, Owen just fell off the arm of the couch into the Christmas tree....