Friday, January 3, 2014

#Gratitude365 Day 16

#Gratitude365 January 3 2014

Three days in a row we've been out to a park/playground and the feeling of fresh air feels so good! Pretty much when the kids ask "What are we going to do today?" and our response is an offer to take them to the park, the kids often poo-poo on the idea. Not today. We bumped into some friends there yesterday and planned to meet them there again today. It was on their mind all the rest of yesterday and all of this morning:

"When are we going to the park?"

"Did we get everything for our picnic?"

"Are we riding our bikes to the park?"

I think we're like most parents, we go through slumps of not getting the kids outside to "just play" and every year it is one of the things I re-visit when contemplating my resolutions or goals. Speaking of goals, I want to make a "family goals" sheet to put up on the refrigerator... something that we've never done before and can keep us all accountable for our follow through (points finger at me!).

Living in southern California we know we pay a sunshine tax, and we take it for granted most of the time how amazing our weather really is. This winter break we've had beautiful blue skies just about everyday and it has been warm enough that shorts are an option. Since I grew up in Minnesota, I absolutely appreciate this gem of a place to live. Some of my local friends have even been posting photos of "beach days" during winter break. That is how fortunate we are.

Today I'm incredibly grateful for fresh air and friends to play with at the park. 

OH, and naps. My husband mentioned he needed a nap and then I suddenly realized how groggy I felt (worn out from the park? my body still fighting this cold? going to bed at 2 a.m. last night?) and he told ME to go ahead and take a nap. A random afternoon nap is such a treat!  When I woke up I could hear the kids asking where I was, he lied and told them I went to the store - cuz otherwise they'd barge into my room to wake me. I didn't have to worry about dinner, he had already made dinner, fed the kids and cleaned up! Man, that was a 4-in-1 delight. Maybe it's because it's my birthday tomorrow. I'll take it! My bucket is full and tomorrow starts a new year around the sun!

When's the last time your partner let you take a nap?