Sunday, January 5, 2014

#Gratitude365 Day 18

#Gratitude365 January 5th 2014

Sleeping in after a night out. My husband let me sleep until.... eleven a.m. I don't know the last time I slept in that late. That's a little extra birthday gift and one that I apparently needed. Most of the time when I get to sleep in I am up by 9am at the latest. I'm so grateful that my husband kept the kids out of my room so I could sleep in, and that my body let me sleep as long as I did. I don't have the same tolerance of alcohol that I once did so the 3 glasses of wine and 1 cocktail really left me "tired" this morning.

Today the Chargers won their playoff game and that makes my husband happy. It was cute that he left my Charger jersey out on the dresser for me, which I happily wore.

Jerry Coleman, long time Padres announcer, died this afternoon. Incredible gratitude for his service to our country and for delivering so much joy to Padres fans from the broadcasters booth for all those years. My husband used to fall asleep listening to him on the radio. His famous one liner "You can hang a star on that one" will not be forgotten. Truthfully, I'm a sports fan by marriage, but in the case of Jerry Coleman, he was a gem. My children were all curious about why their dad seemed down, tears in his eyes and asked him if someone really died. They don't quite understand the magnitude of death and I took a moment to appreciate that.

Finally, I'm wrapping up 2 weeks of a wonderful break with the kids. Back in early December I planned out my teaching calendar for 2014 After having a full two weeks off with the kids where the thought never crossed my mind "when do they go back to school?" I'm really glad to have built in plenty of time off with them this year. They are growing up so fast and that juggle of work/family balance had become a challenge for me. I know many other moms who run a business experience the same thing. This year I took action on it. Gratitude abounds for having the foresight to do this and the faith to afford the time off.

What are you doing differently this year that you're grateful to yourself for creating the space to do?