Wednesday, February 12, 2014

#Gratitude365 Day 50

#Gratitude365 February 6 2014

Today it was really cool to look up as I was getting set to begin the Signing Story Time program at Kensington Library and see a virtual friend in the audience!

Abby brought her two girls to enjoy story time and I recognized her right away. We've met IRL just two or three times before but she has the kind of soul that I know I will be glad to know for a long, long time. We have gotten to know one another more through Google+ than in the private facebook groups where we first knew of each other. If it weren't for Google+ and the deeper relationship we've been able to form there, I don't know if I would have been able to pin who she was. What was really sweet is she came up and didn't just assume I knew "who" she was and made it a point to introduce herself by name (I interact with A LOT of people both in person and online so I sometimes can't recall who or how I know someone!).

In this day and age we are connected and intertwined with more people than ever before and it is nice to have some of those initial connections grow as you learn more about what you have in common.

I'm very grateful to be connected to this mama for many reasons:
1. We're both in the natural or crunchy mama community
2. We're both mompreneurs
3. She is an excellent writer
4. She really enjoys helping others
5. She is forward thinking and began learning about Google+ before opening her practice
6. While her parenting and birth preferences tend to align with my own, she does not judge other for their preferences
7. She is an educator. I tend to like educators. And I don't mean a school teacher, while I like them too, she educates on things she knows from experience and shares with her fellow citizen through her blog. The best educators are the ones who remain active learners and she clearly is that.
8. When I started a facebook group called Google+ bootcamp, there were just a handful who stayed committed to it for the ful 30 days. I made it clear that I was not the leader - rather we were all there to figure it out together - and she stayed til the end, adding tremendous value.
9. I can tell she is another person who believes in and practices the Golden Rule.
10. She has just opened her practice where she will be focusing on helping moms postpartum - a truly needed focus. As a mom who suffered from PPD I only wish I would have had Abby as a resource. 

Gratitude for blossoming friendships!

You can circle her on Google+

Photo credit - I took this from Abby's photo gallery on her Google+ page - working on finding out if there is a professional photographer to properly credit.