Saturday, February 15, 2014

#Gratitude365 Day 52

#Gratitude365 February 8 2014

Girl Scout cookies! Aren't they smart for making them available only a short time once a year?

When I got home from teaching 2 classes, the boys did not want to go to Amberly's softball practice. Whew. I wanted to rest. Right after Cory and Amberly left, the boys alerted me to the cookies hubby had purchased from one of Amberly's friends. He told the boys that those cookies were his. Not only did the boys want cookies, but I wanted cookies!

There was only $6.50 in my purse and we really wanted both Somoas and Thin Mints. Kyle to the rescue! He donated 6 quarters to the cause. We walked over to our neighbor's house and got 2 boxes of cookies. Amazing how we can pull everyone together for a simple goal of getting our hands on these delicious treats.

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What is your favorite Girl Scout cookie? Do you buy oodles of boxes to hoard in your freezer for the year?