Wednesday, February 19, 2014

#Gratitude365 Day 61

#Gratitude365 February 17 2014

The kids are out of school the entire week and with the husband having the day off from work we decided to go play some frisbee golf. There's a short course at Sunset Park in San Marcos that we'd played once before. It is a pretty awesome park. So many families were there with blankets and food and making a day of being at the park.

Playing Frisbee Golf

This park has really modern playground equipment - the kids love this spinny-go-round the most:

Amberly wanted to play catch. I love watching how Cory coaches her to help her fine tune little things. The boys and I played catch and passed the soccer ball around. I took my shoes off and took advantage of the earthing opportunity.

Even though we were just out at the park the day before, it is so nice to get outside together! And I love when we go to a park where we can do so many things that we are there for 3 hours before we realize it.

Presidents Day may not be traditionally a family holiday, but we managed to make it into one.

Grateful for fresh air, family time, watching the kids dizzy themselves silly and being active.

How often do you get out to the park with your kids?