Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Organic Mango Strawberry Power Up Smoothie

I knew we needed milk and forgot to stop at the store yesterday to make sure we'd have some for breakfast. The kids hate having dry cereal. Owen didn't feel like having eggs. What could I make that was quick and delicious? A smoothie of course! We've been on a smoothie kick and carefully charting our recipes so we can replicate them. Yesterday's Mango Berry Boost was a hit but I didn't have enough frozen mixed berries to go with a proven winner. I did find some organic frozen strawberries hidden in the freezer so that's what we went with. We were fresh out of bananas too.... but knowing that strawberry and mango make a good pair I didn't think it would matter. Since a majority of our ingredients were organic I was quite please with this being another example of how our efforts to slowly switch to cleaner eating is showing up.

Of course I had kitchen helpers because the kids have been loving making parfaits and smoothies lately. I let them measure, scoop and give ideas on what we could do to improve the taste. Their input came in handy this morning. Because we had places to be I had little time to take action shots, but they were definitely in the mix!

Organic Mango Strawberry Power Up Smoothie Recipe

2 cups Mango Nectar (juice)
1 cup Organic Plain Yogurt
3 heaping cups Organic frozen strawberries
2 TBSP Nutiva Organic Hempseed

Add the ingredients to the blender, start with the liquid first.

Blend for 2 or 3 minutes on high. Frozen strawberries seem to take longer than smaller berries.

Now, to be honest, at first I had put in just 1 cup of mango nectar.... but with all those frozen strawberries it takes quite a bit longer to blend so I turned off the blender and added another cup of mango nectar.

These came out just beautifully - oh and they were delicious! Plus, healthier because we used mostly organic items.

If you like a nuttier flavor, by all means add more hempseed. In a smoothie recipe that has fewer ingredients you're going to taste more of each of those items and what I've learned is that my kids don't mind the hempseed so long as they don't detect it. Hempseed is a great source of protein and omega 3s which is why we have been adding it to our smoothies, just like I did with the Banana Berry Hempseed Smoothie I call this fortifying our treats!

Now you have a delicious breakfast smoothie to enjoy with the kids! Be sure to pin this one.

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