Sunday, June 28, 2015

Antique Engine & Tractor Show

What started off as a lazy Saturday picked up steam when I saw that my friend the Lovely Lysa had tickets to share for the Antique Engine & Tractor show in Vista. I asked my husband if he thought it would be fun and he said "Sure!" We grew up in Vista and his mom was pretty good about taking the kids to explore different things so he had been to the Antique Gas & Steam Engine Museum before. In fact he had taken the kids there before on a weekday when not much was going on. We figured this was a good way to have them get a glimpse of what life was like 100 years ago.

It took us about 30 minutes to head up the freeway and we still had 2 hours to walk around and explore. I must have taken 100 pictures! Good thing I had made room on my iPhone just the other day. 

As we entered the grounds I could already hear the muttering from the kids. They didn't think it was going to be any fun. My husband reminded them to have an open mind and to be appreciative of the fact that we had an opportunity to do something different. As you can see from the pictures, they ended up having a lot of fun! 

Now onto pictures...

Honking horns is great fun! Especially tractor horns.

We saw a water wagon that brought water in for the orchards.

Model T Fords were on display to see up up close.

The kids were drawn to the various water pumps. 


And when I saw this purple contraption of course I had to stop and gawk at it for a minute.

Who knew there were such a variety of corn huskers? It looks like we missed the demonstration.


There was an exhibitor with tables full of old fashioned kitchen gadgets

There was more to look at and touch...

I love thinking that about 100 years ago a father rigged up a small tractor and wagon for his son to help him around the farm.

And then we saw the playground.... and get this.... there was a Merry-Go-Round!

I didn't know if I was going to be able to pull them away from it! Since these things don't exist on San Diego playgrounds I had to let them take a spin. And the kicker is we almost walked by and missed it! I think we'll have to go back here in the not too distant future because I want to get some more pictures of them spinning. I did take some video and post it on instagram. I tend to post live from there as we explore San Diego so be sure to follow me there.

When we saw there was a train, the kids wanted to do that too! What's awesome is you pay just $1 and you can ride several times on the same day. Gotta love that!

I couldn't resist getting the kids fudge bars. They were only a dollar apiece. This place definitely makes it affordable for families. I was lucky to be get in under the wire and buy these fudge bars just as the sandwich shop was closing shop. 

The kids went to ride the train again and we listened to a banjo jam session.

Cory found the best seat for listening to the banjo jam session... The young man who was driving the train approached us and said he owned it and they started chatting about how Cory's grandpa used to own a tractor like this and the memories it brought back from being a kid and riding in his grandpa's lap while he drove it.

We were getting ready to head out.... but whenever I see vendors I have to go take a look-see and it is a good thing I did. I found this perfect blanket for the 4th of July. Guess how much I paid for it.... TWO DOLLARS. Okay, I am just loving this blanket! And I had a great conversation with the woman who sold it to me about how she hosted foreign exchange students a few years back. 

Then the same woman who sold me the blanket encouraged us to go over and see about building some rockets with one of the other vendors. Well, you can't say no to that! You'll have to check back when I share about that.

It was 4:30 pm and time for the show to shut down for the evening. Over the loud speaker we heard that the vendors and exhibitors or anyone staying overnight at the campgrounds was invited to partake in a tractor parade at 8 pm. Now that has got to be a cool thing to see!

Walking back to the car I saw these signs and knew we had more to come back and see. We didn't make it to the gift shop or the bake shop or the workshop! 

This event rolls back around in October and I am marking my calendar for it.

It ended up being a really fun outing for everyone. The next time an opportunity pops up for you to do something out of the ordinary, I hope you'll think back to this post and take advantage. Thank you again to the Lovely Lysa and North County Deals for this fun, educational experience.