Saturday, July 7, 2012

5 years ago today!

5 years ago today was like hitting the jackpot in Vegas - at least that's what the calendar said. 07-07-07. It was the last day I worked for the big company that had me shackled to a shared cubicle answering calls all day. I was good at it. Good enough to earn not just monthly bonuses but earn prestigious reward trips. I had great healthcare, had really fun co-workers, and hated my job. As a fellow co-worker used to put it "this company has a pair of golden handcuffs to fit everybody." Even the brightest of us with dreams of persuing something bigger who had been lured in by the money and lifestyle change had a hard time coming up with an exit plan. Originally I was only supposed to work for this company for a couple of years, til I got my degree and could move into the field I was studying. The problem was the overtime available and the money it paid didn't help me with wanting to finish that degree and when I compared what entry level positions in the field of public administration paid, I couldn't see myself taking an almost 50% paycut.

Well, they say having a family changes everything. It changed my perspective. I was somehow able to take the risk I had been too afraid to do. My husband had told me I would be less sad going to work if I were leaving the kids in order to do something I felt was worthy. My 3 month old wasn't taking a bottle. I felt like my 20 month old wasn't getting enough of me at this important age. Everyone I was friendly with at work had requested the day off in order to attend a co-worker's wedding. Having a horrible customer call I looked at the pictures of my babies and had an epiphany. "Today's the day. The day I walk out of here and never return. I'm betting this gamble will payoff."

That's the story of me beginning my persuit of happiness and starting my business - Sign4Baby!