Wednesday, January 1, 2014

#Gratitude365 Day 12

#Gratitude365 December 30 2013

Have you ever misplaced something and then found it - like a long time later and were so happy to have found it? That happened.

Amberly's big Santa gift in 2012 was her Easy Bake Oven and she was super excited about it because she had thought long and hard about what to ask Santa for for Christmas.

But we never got to use it because we couldn't find the cupcake or cake pan. I thought it had wound up in the trash by mistake in the hustle of cleaning up wrapping paper and boxes... and we never got committed to going to Toys R Us to see about buying a replacement part. Total #momfail.

Anyway, in cleaning up stuff in our spare room from wrapping presents this year I saw one of the cake boxes for her Easy Bake Oven and picked it up - it was open - so I looked inside. What did I discover? The damn missing cake pans! I showed Amberly and my husband and called it a #ChristmasMiracle.

Gratitude for finding something that you thought was lost and now is found. Something small and simple. We had talked about it perhaps a dozen times and I have a feeling that with Amberly's consistency in putting it out in the universe by asking me when we would use her Easy Bake Oven and buy the replacement parts is what led to it being found. Visualization from an 8 year old works too!

So, we made cupcakes in her Easy Bake Oven! They were delicious not so much in the taste, but more in the experience being realized.

After a full day focused on cleaning out her closet and her help in organizing the playroom after an overflow of Christmas toys - this was a real treat to get do one of her two favorite things = bake! Next time I need to get a live action shot of the baking - perfect reason for us to get to do it again during winter break though ; )

Has anything like that happened to you or your kids?