Sunday, January 5, 2014

#Gratitude365 Day 17 BIRTHDAY POST

#Graditude365 January 4 2014

Oh, where do I start? I had a kickass birthday and I have to tell you all the awesome that I experienced.... and all the awesome I want to experience at my HALF BIRTHDAY ; )

When the social media messages start rolling in wishing you a happy birthday, it feels so wonderful and I begin to think "Wow, if I had this at the halfway point of the year, I wouldn't have any reason to hit that mid-year WALL."

One quick tip: If your partner wakes you in the middle of the night - just go with it - birthday sex is something I am going to say is NOT overrated. Catching you be surprise just after midnight is a great way to start the birthday. Not sure what to get your partner for their bithday? Don't wait til the night of, instead wake them in the middle of the night and surprise them! Live in the moment people! Happy marriages are often made inside the bedroom. I firmly stand by that statement.

I'm watching Coyote Ugly right now and am thinking back to when this movie was first released. At that time I had nowhere near the confidence level to do something crazy like that - and now I have nowhere near the body required for said position and they're opening up downtown soon - in fact I hear on the news auditions are this week. DAMN. But, I'm grateful for now having the confidence that would be required to deal with that kind of population, even if I don't have the bod, because if you can have only one, I'd take the confidence. I knew a handful of people with BOTH - but those are rare - always instill confidence in our girls - they are still lagging far behind the boys and shouldn't wait until they figure it out on their own (like I did) - GIVE THEM EVERY OPPORTUNITY TO BE EQUALLY INDEPENDENT AND FIERCELY CONFIDENT.

I'm grateful for having the audacity to wear the outfit I did tonight even though I've gained nearly 20 pounds over the last two years (weaning after 6 and a half years of breastfeeding is a BITCH). My husband said I reminded him of a "go-go dancer" (that's pretty haute when you've just turned 36 and have been married almost 12 years).

My day actually started off with an amazing massage - and I look forward to making that a part of my regular monthly regiment in 2014 because for as much as I'm on traveling all over San Diego and getting up and down while teaching and on the computer, I NEED IT! Not to mention signing, that takes its toll on body too. The last time I had a massage was my birthday last year - and those chair massages don't count because they are nearly as effective.

Then I went and got a manicure and pedicure. I think it was the beginning of summer the last time I got a mani/pedi and that is just not acceptable. So, I've resolved to make that an every other month habit... at minimum.

We went to Torrey Pines State Reserve to hike a bit and see the ocean. It was simply beautiful. I'd never been. And I've lived in San Diego since I was NINE years old. If you haven't been and see people talk about how awesome it is, do not wait. JUST GO. It is the start of a new year - every single piece of permission that you need to see the ocean and the sky meet in such beauty is before you - a picture of your kids is just frosting on the cake.  Incredible gratitude for my husband knowing that this is something I've wanted to do for a long time and making it happen. There were a few moments that my monkey-like boys got close to the edge of the edge, but my anxiety was temporary and the views will be forever-lasting.

One of my favorite possessions is my Creative Travel Mug and I made sure to bring it with me when I went to get my massage so I could stop by Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf and get my favorite white chocolate latte. Grateful for caffeine and the yummy delicious drinks that I consume to give me a little bit of solace in my day. This day especially. I had a chance to enjoy the warmth and sweetness of the beverage in hand and sat in the driveway to finish it before returning to the crazy that can sometimes be my house haha!

Kudos to my husband for ALWAYS wanting to make every single birthday a "day off" for me... if such a thing exists for any mother. He handled every squabble and smiled at me every time I looked at him to take care of something, like put socks on the boys or handle snacks. He really makes this day and Mothers Day just about me and I know not all moms are so lucky. Thank you to my husband for being that guy who recognizes that I need a day to do just what I want to do.

Well, happy birthday to me and may I celebrate many more in order to bring them the special gift that I add to their lives. Yes, I am special and you should realize that YOU are special enough to proclaim the same. If I could figure out a way to fake a second birthday each year I for sure would! We all deserve to have more than 1/365 days in a year to feel like a million bucks. Sending buckets of gratitude to all those who took a minute to send me birthday wishes ; )

When is your birthday? Do you do anything special to celebrate you?