Tuesday, January 21, 2014

#Gratitude365 Day 33

#Gratitude365 January 20 2014

I received an email from Kids for Peace sharing that there are over half a million kids participating in The Great Kindness Challenge next week. When others show you gratitude in the work that you are doing it just feels nice to be valued. I have no doubt that I have met Jill McManigal out of pure laws of attraction. My own children have been apart of bullying and it has not been something I knew how to deal with at all. Having the connection to Kids for Peace has been keeping me mindful of what is possible and how I can help not only KFP in their reach ons ocial media, but in effect at my own children's school. So much gratitude for how the univers aligns to help you.

While creating some images for their twitter account I converse with some pretty neat people who are doing important things to affect change and it continues to inspire me, lets me know we have far more good in the world and for that I am grateful.

We took the kids to Legoland today, and it wasn't crowded even though plenty of people had the day off in observence of Martin Luther Kind Jr.'s birthday. Short lines are awesome! What is funny to me is how much they all want to play at the various "playground" areas within the park. We've thought about doing the miniature golf before, and today we actually did it. We had so much fun! Pretty sure we'll be doing it again.
This reminded me of the ice skating thing I wrote about before... sometimes you wait on doing something until you think everyone in the family will really enjoy it and today it payed off. In fact the two things we considered as family outings today were whale watching tour or Legoland - and frankly I'm just not sure Owen is ready to be on a boat for 4 hours just yet. In the past I sometimes just jumped in and crossed my fingers hoping for the best. Grateful that these parenting stripes I've earned have me giving proper consideration to how it will affect each of us.

This was kind of a fun tweet I received today after sending in a photo via twitter to Good Morning America in response to the Dove campaign requesting mommy-daughter selfies.

loving the selfie! i do the social media for --may we use your photo on-air?

So this photo may just show up on GMA - who knows!

I'd love to know if your gratitude journey is moving you to be more aware of what you're grateful for and if you if you take selfies with your kids like I do?