Sunday, January 26, 2014

#Gratitude365 Day 37

#Gratitude365 January 24 2014

It was crazy hair day at school today. Had to take a moment to stop and realize how big these kids are getting and how fun it is to have them participate in these things that I remember from my childhood.

Housecleaning. It always feels so good to have the house clean!

Kyle had his friends over and watching how happy he was playing with his two buddies after school really made me smile.

Amberly made sure I got the copy of the song that her choir teacher wants my help with showing the kids the signs for... I just beam when any of the kids want me to come into their class and sign with them!

Cory made tri-tip for dinner. Steak night is always a good night in this house.

Gratitude for all the little things even whent there are hiccups along the way. I'm finding that the way I feel about the day overall is more positive than negetive.