Sunday, February 16, 2014

#Gratitude365 Day 57

#Gratitude365 February 13 2014

Being in the zone.

Today I had a presentation at the Del Mar Library, covering an introduction to baby sign language. I've reached a point in my business where I can lead a dialogue with a group and artfully still provide the bullets of what I want to cover while inviting them to contribute. It was a great feeling to know that these moms today were going home having some great tools to journey forward in their early communication endeavors with their babies.

I was very excited to have my new business cards for this presentation. Deciding between my professional head shot avatar and this "action" photo taken by my amazing photographer, Hillary via Stills by Hill, was a toss up for me because I love both images. So, I polled my mompreneur group and almost unanimously they voted for the action photo to be used.