Monday, May 18, 2015

6 Ways to Improve Your Skin

Just recently someone gave me the best compliment a girl can get.... "Your skin is so beautiful! How old are you?" I lit up and loved having someone notice what I've been doing to take care of my skin so I thought I'd share what I've been consciously doing to help my skin over the last year or two..

1. Schedule Regular Facials

About 2 years ago I started to go twice a month to my esthetician, Karen. Being in my mid thirties I knew that it was time to up the ante on taking care of my skin again like I did before having babies. To make sure I stayed on track I have my facial appointments scheduled out for the entire year. I have been seeing Karen for over 5 years and love that she knows my skin well and evaluates what I need at each visit. Every single facial at Firefly Wellness is customized. I've had such great results with Karen that I've referred several friends to her over the years and it makes me happy to see other moms getting a little pampering and investing in their skin. After all, we only get one face!

2. Be religious about skin exfoliation

I have 2 different scrubs that I love and when I don't stay on my weekly regiment I can tell. Gentle exfoliation of dead skin once a week leaves my skin feeling great and looking even better. It is like my mini facial at home! Be careful not to over do it with scrubs as it can have the opposite effect. About 2 years ago I bought a Clarisonic and love it when I remember to use it. Lucky for me, Karen at Firefly Wellness, will use the Clarisonic as part of my facial from time to time.

3. Sleep on a bamboo pillowcase 

Some time ago I read an article asking if pillowcases could be causing breakouts. It made so much sense! I ended up finding a couple of different bamboo pillowcases out there that I love and know it has contributed to my skin clearing up. The one I'm using right now is by Ecocise Bamboo Clothes and is reasonably priced.

4. Drink Green Juice

I've been drinking green juice regularly for about 2 months and feel like it is helping keep breakouts at bay and contributing to my overall skin appearance in addition to all the other things green juice is known for.

5. Stay hydrated

This one is the hardest for me to do because I hate stopping what I'm doing to go to the bathroom so often! But, every time I get on a "drink more water" kick, my skin looks and feels better. Being dehydrated makes our skin look more dry and wrinkled, so be sure to stay hydrated!

6. Seek balance or reduce stress

As moms we are often over committed and leave little time to take care of ourselves. I made a mental note of how much my skin has improved since taking back "me time" to recharge or just do what I want to do. "Me time" includes my twice a month facials. Karen gives an amazing neck, hands and shoulder massage with the full hour facial so I end up feeling both refreshed and relaxed. When our minds are reset, people can tell just by looking at our face. The way our skin looks and feels can be an indicator of your stress level. For some solutions to this common problem check out this article or incorporate some of the

One of the best things about having regular facials (aside from the fact that I get to be totally pampered and relax!) is that I know Karen is going to ask me if I've been keeping up on my skin care regiment. She's sort of like a personal trainer for my skin because this keeps me diligent about exfoliation and moisturizing.

I'd love to know what you do to nourish your skin and keep it looking youthful? I'll bet there are plenty of good tips I haven't heard of, so let's swap ideas in the comment section below!