Monday, June 1, 2015

Creating Inspiration Week 2

Keeping motivated over the long haul is a struggle at times. We may not see the fruits of our labor directly and we begin to doubt that we are making an impact whether that be at home with our children, at work in our projects, in our community as a supporting voice... and for me recently it has been with my students. Just when I have a hint of self doubt and begin to wonder if this is indeed the path I'm meant to travel I will find someone has shared something on my facebook wall related to sign language... a former client  enrolls with their 2nd or 3rd baby... one of my students at the charter school tells me they are working on signing a song to record on video...  And then it hits me.... I am meant to do this.... what I do makes a difference.

I share image quotes on instagram from time to time. I'd love to connect there and share inspiration on multiple platforms! Here's one I was inspired to share with my first grade students the other day....

I look forward to sharing more inspiration. Tell me which quote resonated with you in the comments below - that will keep me inspired to find, share and create more and keep this a weekly post! 

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