Sunday, June 28, 2015

Creative Inspiration - Week 6

I knew when I snapped these pictures that I'd be sharing one of these quotes in this week's creative inspiration post.

Last week we had an opportunity to enjoy theatre under the stars and the walkway to our seats had some inspirational messages. This one was the first and the picture would be better if the ground were pristine clean, but it is a walkway after all so just appreciate the message:

Looking at this just makes me happy! I love rainbows and bright colors and think of things with the glass is half full mentality. I believe I found this one on google+ awhile ago and pinned it. By the way I'd love you to follow me on Pinterest!

Because of the SCOTUS decision on 6/26/2015 I feel compelled to share this one again even though I've shared it before. #LoveIsLove!

So, tell me, which one of these quotes meant something to you?

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