Sunday, August 9, 2015

My Challenge to KIND Snacks

With all the social media noise there is out there it can be difficult for those who are trying to make a difference in the lives of others in a big and meaningful way to really be heard. That's why when I come across something smart that I know more people need to see I will gladly chime in and retweet to lend support. I've known too many people diagnosed with cancer and know that we not only need to fight cancer but need to be  Out Living It which is the motto of First Descents, an organization that provides life changing outdoor adventures for young adults impacted by cancer.

I first saw this campaign via my good friends on twitter @LittleMeTea where they retweeted an image from KIND Snacks:

I loved the idea of KIND Snacks supporting what this organization is all about but honestly I scoffed at the tiny (for a big booming brand) dollar amount so I challenged them to up the ante. Which they kindly accepted.

I got so excited at the idea of them accepting my challenge that it made me more curious about the campaign so I scrolled through the KIND twitter feed and Facebook page to find they are providing lots of opportunities to have fans help them not just donate money to First Descents, but raise awareness at the same time with their hashtag #OutLivingIt. And the partnership between these two organizations is just beginning as I learned via the KIND blog. When a company that is doing well can help the community at large I can't help but to be really moved by the KINDness that is ever present in humanity.

And the thing is, there's a lot of businesses out there that have more than a goal to be profitable, they want their community members to thrive. These are the kind of businesses that I love to support. They are the ones out there helping non-profits get seen and seeing the big picture of their own success... being able to help others.

I think in the heart of any entrepreneur there is a sense of wanting to do things better, and not just the product or service we sell (yes, I said we because I'm an entrepreneur www.sign4baby.com)... but we want to help someone improve their experience of life.

Here's my call to action, it's super simple. Go and FAVORITE this tweet on twitter. It would be great if you also retweet it to get more eyeballs on it. The goal is to get 1,000 people to favorite that tweet so KIND Snacks will donate $1,000 to First Descents. Together we can use the power of social media to do social good!

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