Monday, September 21, 2015

21 DIY Baby Halloween Costumes

Baby's first Halloween dressing up is so much fun and picking out their costume can be really tough given the wide array of uber cute choices. Some of my favorite baby and toddler costumes are the DIY ones because a lot of love goes into it and they've each got their own special flare. It can take as little or as much time as you want to create something unique and fun. There are a lot of awesome crafty mamas out there that I admire, but when it comes to a costume, I need some direction. Here are 21 inspirations for DIY Baby Halloween Costumes:

1. Manion Amor's Boo from Monsters Inc makes an excellent choice for a little girl.

2. A sweet Tinkerbell by The DIY Mommy will create beautiful photo keepsakes!

4. This  Olaf costume by Peek-a-boo Pages is to die for cute, right?

3. Simmworks Family aced simplicity with this Charlie Brown DIY costume.

5. Imagine your little guy in this awesome Batman ensemble shared by Haberdashery Fun!

6. Who can resist this charming Harry Potter costume shared by Love & Lion?

More baby character costumes.....

Baby Yoda


Peter Pan

Baby Minion

Wonder Woman

Where's Waldo

And for all you foodies out there.... or if you ever catch yourself saying "you're so cute I could eat you!" here are some fun food costume ideas!

And the cutest Baby S'mores you gotta see!

Got a thing for sea creatures? Here are a few ideas....

I love seeing babies dressed up as animals because babies LOVE animals and it is even more fun when you teach them the sound the animals makes and they can mimic the sound.

Baby Owl


Lady Bug

For the sports fanatics.....

Rockford Peach (A League of their Own)

And for the TWINS here are a few adorable ideas!

Cabbage Patch Dolls

Thing One and Thing Two

Raggedy Ann and Andy

Now, it wouldn't be a proper DIY Baby Halloween Costume Roundup if I didn't share some of the easiest type of costumes ever.... featuring the ONESIE!

SUPER SIMPLE ONESIE ideas for the very last minute types!


It can be hard to decide what to dress you baby as for Halloween but don't let it become a paralysis by analysis situation! Just have fun with it. An you know what? If you decide not to make a costume for your baby, that''s totally fine. What's important is that you have fun and create memories!

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