Thursday, November 5, 2015

The Great Swapoween Box

A few weeks ago I saw Chaotic Goddess was doing a fun blogger box swap with a Halloween theme and I instantly wanted in! A couple of years ago when we moved into this house my husband and I decided that we needed to slowly add to our collection of Halloween decor to make Halloween more festive. Now we haven't been super great at this but we haven't been slackers either. As a kid I didn't get into Halloween that much, but my kids just love it and I have grown to love it too. I think our kids are supposed to teach us and change us and that they have certainly done.

My Swapoween buddy was Penny and she blogs at Penny's Passion. Getting to expand our blogging horizons by getting to know other bloggers is one of the reasons I like doing these swaps. We emailed back and forth about a couple of blogging matters and then before I knew it the date was upon us to ship off the goodies!

My package arrived probably 10 days before Halloween and we got to incorporate some of the items on our mantel. This was the first time we bothered to do a Halloween mantel by the way. Amberly put it together which was fine by me because there's always plenty of other things for mom to do, like the dishes or helping the boys with homework. She took great care in how everything could fit and be seen and be a little bit spooky but not too much.

Amberly and I were running around to find things to put into our Halloween Boo Baskets when we stopped in at Hallmark and Michael's. We found a few awesome items deeply discounted like the Halloween snow globe and the eerie dark tree that would be perfect finishing touches to our Halloween mantel.

Here are a few other fun things Penny included in our box....

Halloween candy dish
Halloween napkins
Halloween straws
Halloween tissue

We had a lot of fun participating in this Great Swapoween Box Swap!