Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Bought my ticket to BlogHer12..... in NEW YORK!

Going to BlogHer11 here in San Diego was a no-brainer. When I learned the announcement had been made that the conference would be held in NYC next year I was both dismayed and excited... how could I be both? Easy. I don't like to pay for travel expenses, which is the only reason I attended the BlogHer11 conference. Saving for that kind of trip would be hard work. There would be a lot of things to consider, go alone or make it a family trip.... Well, then there is the excitement of it being in, hello.... NEW YORK!

After having an amazing newbie experience and fully getting my money's worth I just decided that I need to be in the big apple next year. I hear it is a common phenomena, once you start going to these things you just can't stop! Hubby would be pretty excited if we made it a kid free trip. There's a thought. I'm really curious to know how everyone else tackles this. I mean, it is certainly more expensive to go as a family. But, then the guilt of going off for all that fun (work) and leaving everyone behind gets me thinking to aim big. We're going on the Disney Cruise in a few weeks so it will be just about time to have a family vacation come August next year. And Owen will be 3 so traveling should be easier (or not).

Anyway, I hear and see a lot of people posting about the 20% off discount that goes away after Aug 31, so in approx 24 hours, saying they'll go ahead and buy it and if they can't afford the trip or find a sponsor they'll just resell the ticket. You have to want something bad enough to make it happen. Did you buy a ticket? Which mindset do you subscribe to? I'd love to know if you're making it a solo trip, couple's getaway, or a family vacation.