Thursday, May 10, 2012

My Favorite Things about San Diego Moms Night Out

SD Moms Night Out was co-founded by Samantha and Angela, two ladies I adore. These ladies pulled together an event that celebrates moms, local business, and having a good time. This event was particulary special being held on the same night that Moms Nite Out was celebrated across the country.

Here's a list of my favorite things from the evening:

1. The event was held at a super swanky YET affordable boutique called blisss 101 - and yes, if you must know, I did a little shopping... call it my contribution to the economy or investment in my marriage... @stillsbyhill will know what I mean.

You have to see how this pink and orange wrap complimented my shoes and pink Color Bug hair treatment via the bombshell salon and boutique

2. The raffle prizes were amazing --- I couldn't keep track of how many there were - but I totally scored a Creative Travel Mugs gift ensemble and a $50 Glam and Sassy gift certificate! The raffle tickets were $1 each or 50 tickets for $25 - and so many moms loved this!

3. Whole Foods Encinitas poured wine throughout the evening! I did help myself to some tasty Chardonnay. I think wine had to have been first fermented by a mom, what do you think? Also see the bags the first 100 received -- it says "i support LoCAL FARMERS".

4. Catching up with my friends! Need I say more?

5. Music - the DJ had some good stuff playing and set the tone for the fun mood.

6. Skinny Shots via Bloom Natural Health - these are the new healthy craze everyone is talking about and I not only got to experience it at the event, but have a gift to go back and get another!

7, Chair massage and hand treatment by Holistic Beauty Services. Massages are good. Massages at events are even better. Massages that are free are awesome! Please always continue to have chair massage available at these events. Thank you.

8. Networking in Disguise. If I can mix business and pleasure I am a happy woman.

9. Having the night off from putting the kids to bed. I'm quite committed to having that a couple times a month.

10. Coming home with a smile on my face. Then putting a smile on hubby's face.