Thursday, May 24, 2012

American Idol keeps getting better - Season 11

Did you see the finale of American Idol season 11? I had to rush home from a business seminar so I could catch the last half. I was pleasantly surprised that hubby had refrained from watching so we could watch the whole thing together. We haven't always watched evey season, or all the way til the finale, but the talent this year kept us tuned in every week.

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I turned to hubby and said "I feel like I couldn't post on Facebook who my favorite was between Phillip Phillips and Jessica Sanchez because I'll get backlash for not supporting our local contestant."

What the judges said about Phillip Phillips is exactly why he won:

Randy Jackson: "Dude I love the song, I love the production. Everything about that was perfect."

Jennifer Lopez: "That was a Phillip song and there is nothing on the radio that sounds like that."

Steven Tyler: "By virtue of your vulnerability and style you made the world your home."

My personal top 3 favorites in no particular order were Phillip Phillips, Elise Testone, and Colton Dixon. AND a very close 4th was Skylar Laine. Each of these contestants knows how to sing, they can perform, whether that was arrange music, get the crowd into the show, play an instrument, and clearly felt the lyrics to their chosen songs. Because I don't buy records, I can't say I would buy any of their records. I like listening to the local radio (here in San Diego but not when I travel). BUT if I ever get into some kind of gym routine and get smart about getting an earbud thing-a-ma-jiggy for my iPhone I very well could see myself downloading their singles from iTunes. Anyway, there were plenty of other contestants who could sing, have vocal talent, lungs beyond belief, or as Randy Jackson puts it "can sing the phone book!"

But an American Idol is someone who will sell records. Someone that the masses want to pay to see in concert. Some of the top 12 have that element missing, but clearly there were more this season of great American Idol top 12 that fulfilled on what an American idol should be.

Anyway, I agree with the Mama Mary Show about her sentiments on Jessica Sanchez. Jennifer Lopez has it right, the girl is going to make records, she needs some space to grow into the words in those lyrics.

I've never voted for an American Idol contestant. I feel as though the power lies in the hands of the teeny boppers who love that texting and being on the phone and voting repeatedly online. What adult, or pardon me, what mom has time for that? I make sure to vote in the democratic elections though so at least I make time for THAT. So a quick PSA here - voting in San Diego for the primary election is June 5th - put it on your calendar. But, I want to say that the teeny boppers got it right this time. They haven't always, but this season, they did good.