Monday, April 30, 2012

Mamafest gave me the perfect excuse to go shopping!

Mamafest seemed to be kind of the kickoff to the whole "mom season" that is getting underway. The 5th annual Mamafest event that supports the Postpartum Health Alliance is something I didn't want to miss. This year I decided not to have a vendor table because of all the fun I saw the moms having the year before and I wanted to do THAT! And I'm glad because I had so much fun chatting with moms, vendors, and running into friends left and right. I was so busy I never got a chance to go and double check on my bids on auction items or make it over to listen to the speakers. But I'm getting ahead of myself, part of the fun is the getting ready. It is like looking forward to Christmas morning for a kid. I'd already been window shopping for a dress for weeks for this thing. My favorite place to window shop? Anthropologie.

I loved getting ready for the evening affair with a 20 minute massage at So Relax.
YES, I did that massage thing in a mall. I don't moan out loud like Claire Dunphy in Modern Family, so it's all good.

Then a stop at the Clinique make up counter.
I got several compliments, I think it was all in the eyes! Good thing I walked away with a few purchased treasures!

Followed by purchasing the perfect Bandolino pink and orange strappy wedge sandals
I was showing them off to everyone! I dislike heels, so I think wedges may be my new favorite thing. I just spent more than an hour looking online at cute summer wedges.
Then making sure I had a fresh mani/pedi to match those cute shoes made me late to the event, just a little bit. The only thing I didn't have time for was getting my hair done, next time! Glamming it up a bit for a fun evening is something moms need to do every once in awhile.