Sunday, July 26, 2015

Minions Movie Party at the Drive In

We were looking forward to the release of the Minions Movie since the first preview last summer when we were at the drive-in so it was only fitting that we go to see it at the drive-in. The bonus is that you are totally allowed to bring your own snacks to the drive in. And if you're kids are talkers, you don't have to worry too much about disturbing the other movie goers.

Getting to the drive in early is imperative if you want to be front and center. And especially if you go with friends like we did. Our friends joined us at the drive in a few weeks ago and the kids had a blast! Since they have 3 kids too, things just balance out. 

No matter how well we feed the kids before going to a movie, the kids always want to snack. I planned ahead this time! It had been on our Summer Bucket List to try this S'mores Trail mix and when I sent my husband to the store to pick up the necessary items I had to give him a high five for making an audible and grabbing these Minion graham crackers! Minions are the hot thing right now, so they're everywhere.

Minion S'mores Trail Mix Recipe:


3 cups Minion graham crackers
3 cups mini pretzels
1 cup mini marshmallows
1 cup semi-sweet chocolate chips


Mix everything in a bowl and viola! It's done. 

Nothing could be easier, right? 

Next I wanted to make sure the kids' thirst would be quenched. Lemonade sounded perfect and I'd been wanting to experiment with different fruits in our lemonade so of course.... blueberries! I called this Minion Punch and it was a hit. I don't let the kids have straight lemonade so this time was no different. And I debated about mashing the blueberries or leaving them whole. After thinking about it I decided mashed blueberries would turn the whole drink more of a purple color and that would not fit our Minion theme. 

Minion Punch Recipe:


3 cups Organic Lemonade
3 cups water
2 cups Organic blueberries
1 can of pineapple tidbits (juice and all)
Ice (optional)


Pour liquid ingredients into a large pitcher. Pineapple will fall to bottom. Add blueberries, they will float on top. We chilled ours in the fridge for an hour before departing to the drive in and didn't need ice... plus my pitcher couldn't hold anymore!

To get the kids uber excited about the movie, I asked Amberly if she would be able to come up with some type of Minion hat. She's my crafter and if you give her any kind of project, she will create something. 

She made hats for 5 of the 6 kids.  What I have learned is that if a kid really doesn't want to participate in something it is best not to make them and make it no big deal that they are choosing their own path. So even though I really wanted to get all 6 kids wearing Minion Party Hats for a photo it really was not the end of the world to have one kiddo opt out. Plus, Amberly was glad to have one less to make!

DIY Minion Party Hats:


Yellow construction paper (extra long size to fit around the head)
Blue construction paper
White paper
Black marker
Tape or glue


The yellow construction paper served as the Minion body and head of course.
Cut out the shape of the Minion overalls out of the blue construction paper. 
Tape the overalls to the yellow construction paper
Cut circles for eyes out of white paper and use black marker for pupils and goggles if so desired.
Tape the eyes towards the top of the hat.
Draw mouth with black marker.
Size the Minion Hat around child's head and cut to size in the back of the hat.
Use tape to secure complete circle hat.

After making her first hat Amberly realized that the eyes need to be right next to each other rather than set apart.

The kids sure had a lot of fun with our Minion Movie Drive In party! Here are the pictures to prove it:

As we pulled up to the drive-in theater

There's always a double feature but we don't make it through two movies.

Owen and his buddy hiding under their Minion hats.

Amberly and her friend turn their stuffed bears into Minions.

The Minion S'mores Trail Mix was a hit!

A quick Minion Movie selfie before sunset!

We will have to make this drive in movie party a new tradition! It really wasn't too much effort and everyone loved it! What kind of fun family traditions have you created this summer? Share your fun ideas in the comments!