Thursday, July 23, 2015

Chocolate Banana Kiddie Parfaits

When I pull out ingredients to make a parfait the kids know I'm cookin' up something new and interesting. Today was no different. We didn't have any granola but a thought had struck me to use a different kind of cereal in our parfait today.... this one being of the chocolate variety! Smiles all around. This is ode to the chocolate banana pudding dessert I had as a kid.

We don't have a fondue set so I don't do chocolate covered bananas.... although now I think I need to put that on my wish list! Then I could make my own chocolate dipped strawberries and marshmallows.... but I digress.

For this you don't really need measurements because the great thing about parfaits is you can vary how much of each thing to your own liking or level of healthy versus sweet factor, right? But nonetheless I will tell you what we used and how much.


1 banana
1 cup chocolate cereal (I used Mom's best cereal - cocoa krispy rice)
1 1/2 cups vanilla flavored yogurt (we had Stonyfield on hand)


Start with a couple spoonfuls of cereal on the bottom.
Next add a couple spoonfuls of yogurt.
Dice up your banana into cubes for easier eating.
Add 1/6 of banana cubes.
Repeat 3 layers.

This made 3 parfaits that were about 8 oz. servings.

The kiddos gobbled them up and gave it their stamp of approval!

I think next time I'll pay homage to the banana Oreo dessert I grew up with!

Don't forget to pin this for reference later!

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