Thursday, July 23, 2015

Simple Summer Blueberry Margarita

Sometimes this mama needs to mix it up a bit when I pour myself a margarita. I don't always go for wine after the kids go to bed. And to be honest, I don't always wait for the kids to go to bed... but that means I have to watch my glass with a little more care because these kids are always curious about what I've got that looks fruity and pretty!

We love getting the Kirkland ready to pour margarita at Costco. I think we've been buying it for over 5 years. Well, when it went on sale a week or two ago my husband came home with 3 bottles. It's supposed to last when you buy in bulk, the problem is that it just makes you want to, well, drink more! But it can be kinda boring drinking the same margarita a few nights in a row.... so I mixed it up.... with some blueberries and it turned out pretty good. Maybe because blueberries are in season and it made it the perfect summer libation?


1 cup fresh organic blueberries
12 oz Kirkland Golden Margarita


Add blueberries and alcohol to your blender (I have a Vitamix and LOVE it!)
Blend on high for a minute.
Taste. If you need higher alcohol content feel free to add more margarita! Or vice versa, if you need sweeter blueberry flavor add more blueberries.
Pour into a very large wine or margarita glass.
I'm not into the whole sugar or salt rim, but by all means, if you are, go for it!

I'm a bit of a believer that if you mix in a little good with the bad that it almost cancels out the bad. That may not be true, but don't burst my bubble.

Drink responsibly.

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