Sunday, December 29, 2013

#Gratitude354 Day 11

#Gratitude365 December 29 2013

Feeling gratitude for a last minute Christmas gift we didn't plan to buy.

I had to buy it on the sly when we were at the Disney Store on Christmas Eve. I had never heard of it, but then I don't sit and watch the Disney channel much. All three kids pointed it out high above the cashier's counter. Luckily nobody begged to see inside the bag after I checked out and it safely made it's way into the house without being suspected, probably because at their ages they still really enjoy the element of surprise. 

There were three gifts this year that were for all three kids to share:
1. A marble track I got at Lakeshore Learning Store.
2. A 4 in 1 game table, basketball, foosball, pool and air hockey (Black Friday score on hubby's part!)
3. And the Disney Infinity video game for the Wii

ALL THREE were met with great excitement, but the one that has them most enthralled is the Disney Infinity. Apparently it is a little like Minecraft, which my kids have been begging for memberships for at least 6 months, and to be honest I feel more comfortable having them on the gaming system than the internet. Yep, I'm breaking the rules of having a 30 minutes a day limit on video games because I truly enjoy this down time.

#HolidayMagic all the way!

Was there something you sprung for in the midst of holiday cheer that has paid off dividends?