Sunday, December 29, 2013

#Gratitude365 Day 10

#Gratitude365 December 28 2013

I'm still playing catch up to taking some days off - but there was so much gratitude to be noticed I wanted to go back and fill you in rather than skip days 6 through 10.

The house next door that has sat vacant for the better part of 2 years was purchased just a month ago by a young couple who have a 5 month old. We've introduced ourselves and chatted in the front yard a couple of times. They had some remodeling to do with the kitchen before moving in and worked right through Christmas to get it done so they can be settled in for the New Year. I was not aware that they had already "moved in" as I hadn't seen the moving truck. They surprised us by coming over to deliver a box of sweet treats from the local bakery. "This is our way of saying sorry for all the noise you've had to put up with while we complete the renovations."

Wow! We hadn't even been bothered by the noise. Sure, we noticed it, but it wasn't bothering us. We don't have kids that need to go down for a nap in the middle of the day, so it was something we barely noticed or mentioned amongst ourselves. I was torn on feeling bad that we had yet to do the neighborly thing and take over something ourselves and feeling grateful to have such thoughtful people moving in next door. I think this could be part of the way the universe responds when you begin to think good thoughts such as I've been focusing on since signing up for the daily email messages via TUT... The Universe. If you have yet to check out Mike Dooley and what this is all about, I suggest you look him up! It was my friend Lara of MamaPear Designs that linked me to him and it has been effective in shifting my outlook.

Grateful for friendly neighbors and rewards from the universe!