Sunday, December 29, 2013

#Gratitude365 Day 9

#Gratitude365 December 27th 2013

Tetris and West Wing are the two things I was grateful for that day. I still wasn't ready to resume the regular daily routine so we hibernated at home. Hubby napped as his cold fully took hold of him. The kids had a play date. I got minimal cleaning done and started to get back online. There are days where you want to just relax and the kids kept happy enough with new toys that I could sit peacefully on the couch lost in my attempt to beat my high score on Tetris. When the kids were winding down and had control of the living room television I went to check in on my hubby who had a surprise for me. When we were DINKs (double income no kids) we used to love having marathon television show days during holiday breaks. One such break it was West Wing. We got to relive a little piece of our past and just snuggle close watching on the iPad.

I was feeling gratitude for down time. As a mom and mompreneur, so little of that is built into the calendar. It is one thing I've planned to do differently in in 2014 - planning to take breaks when the kids are out of school and unwind as a family.  When the kids were little I used to think we would feel less busy when they all got into school, but that hasn't really transpired. There are more commitments, more friends, more homework, and just a lot to fill our days. When we all have time off together as we have this week, I will commit to refueling. Sometimes that refueling will be video games and old television shows.

What do you do to refuel when you take time off from work?