Sunday, December 29, 2013

#Gratitude365 Day 8

#Gratitude365 The Day After Christmas

All holiday season I have been itching to take the family ice skating! And that is what we did this day. I'd taken Amberly ice skating once before, two years ago. Having 3 kids with just 2 adults, we needed to wait until they were big enough to be able to handle falls without too many tears. For the most part I stayed with Owen, who wanted to do the running man most of the time. It was cute to see him recover his balance over and over again, reaching out to me, many times saving himself by grabbing the guardrail. Kyle had a different approach, looking like he was almost walking around the rink, with this cute little stopping move cutting his skate into the ice with his left foot. Amberly had been left to sort of fend for herself and ended up falling pretty hard on her knee. She was ready to go home after that. In total we lasted about half an hour. That might win for the most we've ever paid per minute for entertainment, but it was fun!

Last year we wanted to go ice skating and we never committed to making it happen. This year we followed through. My husband says we should go a few more times to the indoor ice rinks throughout the year and then next winter it will be even more fun with all that practice under their belt.

My gratitude comes from recognizing that if this half hour of ice skating would have happened a year ago I would have been greatly dismayed at the experience being cut short. Now, however, my focus was to appreciate that each child had their moments of joy on the ice and we left with no major injuries. Taking your children ice skating for the first time is a practice in using your patience. We saw other families with both big kids and small kids navigating their way around the rink that would succumb to frustration. Maybe being that we have the kids in sports in general, we know it will take some practice a lot of practice before everyone is out there skating with grace.

Are there things that you put off trying as a family and it works out to be better?