Wednesday, January 15, 2014

#Gratitude365 Day 27

#Gratitude365 January 14 2014

I forgot my phone today when I left. In the past this has left me feeling naked or in a panic that I may miss something or someone may NEED me. It is easier now to think about how once upon a time we survived without cell phones at all. Our children won't have that sense. I'm grateful for technology, and grateful for the ability to survive without it.

Beautiful San Diego weather. Today it was 80 degrees here. I must have marveled over that fact half a dozen times today. How I love a sunny day! I grew up in Minnesota, so I know cold weather, which may be why I do not take this kind of weather for granted.

I actually used our Vitamix today. I've been saying I'm going to use I more. So, there, I used it once so far in 2014. The kids were not especially fond of the smoothie. I never follow a recipe. Maybe that's the key, to find a healthy and easy recipe so they will always like the concoction. Darn Jamba Juice has spoiled their expectations of smoothies haha! I'm glad I have this awesome "blender" and can easily add more nutrition into our diets by blending something up.

Sometimes things don't go as planned. That happened more than once today. I'm glad for the most part that I can roll with the punches and let things work themselves out. That kind of outlook has served me well. Rushing things doesn't pay off.