Tuesday, January 14, 2014

#Gratitude365 Day 26

#Gratitude365 January 13 2014

Today I got a facial. I so love those days that I can catch up with my friend Karen, both personally and professionally. I've been on this regiment of taking better care of me and I'm continuing my twice a month facial regiment - so a little shout out to Karen at Firefly Wellness! Thank you for helping make my skin look better!

After picking up the kids from school today, everyone agreed they wanted to go to the park. I love when they all agree to go so we can have some extra outdoors time. I met the father of one of Kyle's classmates who was sharing their experience with Children's Hospital. One never know when these tidbits of information are going to be vital. And knock on wood, because I don't want to have to use this information as I rather like the fact that we don't ever see the inside of hospitals, aside from going to give birth. AND I recognize how super lucky we are to not have long hospital stay experiences or medical issues that cause for all kinds of testing that can be hard for an adult to sustain, let alone a kid. Giving gratitude for good health!

Owen is a hugger. I will be honest that sometimes I get touched out and with his 10th hug in 2 minutes I want to put up a barrier at times. Well, today he destroyed that barrier when he asked "Mama, does it make you happy when I kiss you?" and then follow up with "Mama, does it make you happy when I hug you?" Yes, my sweet Owen, it does make me happy. I will be remembering those questions with your future hugs and kisses!