Friday, January 17, 2014

#Gratitude365 Day 29

#Gratitude365 January 16 2014

Recently I got new bras. Apparently it is a good idea to replace them every six months. Let me tell you it had been way more than 6 months. I wore the other ones until the clasp broke or the wire poked through. I was constantly readjusting my bra straps. Today I declare I won't wait that long before buying new bras. I happen to love Victoria's Secret when I do my bra shopping. This was the first time I'd ever shopped for them online and was pleased that I picked something that fit so well and is so comfortable!

Ladies, you know how good it feels to get yourself some new bras.... but if you're not sizing yourself properly you might not understand. Be sure to go in and be measured properly. Quick tip I read online a long time ago: start by clasping from the furthest out and over time as the elasticity of the bra stretches, clasp one more closer to keep everything fitting. If you start with the tightest clasp, you have no more options when the elasticity wears out.

Oh! And, just one more thing....

Sunshine. We have been having one heck of a winter. It is as if summer has come to replace it. I don't know weather to rejoice in all the beautiful sunshine or to be worried that we don't have enough rain. For now I'll just look at the 86 degrees as a blessing and enjoy the sunshine while it is here.