Saturday, January 18, 2014

#Gratitude365 Day 30

#Gratitude365 January 17 2014

Kyle needed some help with spelling and I started to work with him on word families. Yesterday it was quite the chore to get it done. I was quite spent after spending probably 45 minutes with him to get these word families or word chunks completed. I spelled out a plan for the long 4 day weekend that we would visit 7 each day. Sometimes I dread having to follow through on something I throw down the gauntlet on, but today we probably only worked on it for 15 minutes! He had a much easier time with it. Part of it could have been that I motivated him by saying he had to complete this before his friend came over today.... but it worked. It worked so well that I offered him an option to review yesterday's word families really quickly for extra video game time, and he went for it! Today we went over 84 words and it was a breeze. In fact I really enjoyed that he sat in my lap to do these. He rarely wants to cuddle.

Here's a picture of a sample from the box so you get an idea of what this is:

Grateful that I spotted this word family set at Lakeshore Learning Store when we did our Christmas shopping. Wish I had started using them earlier and been more diligent when they had these homemade ones in Kindergarten because it is an effective tool. So effective in fact that Kyle was even coming up with additional letters to throw in and come up with more words that fit in the word family!

Has there been a time where an educational tool or practice really turned things around for your child? It is such a good feeling to help others, so by all means post below about what has worked for you.