Wednesday, January 22, 2014

#Gratitude365 Day 34

#Gratitude365 January 21 2014

Loved getting a tip that I can take action on in the Marie TV episode today. I watched the episode twice to really digest it. Gratitude for the people out there who share great content and make a difference like Marie Forleo does. Being that the topic was about money, I figured it is a good one to share and help shift any mindsets around money that can create more abundance in your life too. Cuz who doesn't want that?

Cooking dinner with my husband was the best part of my day. We don't do this on a regular basis, but when we do, I feel happy. The connectedness that happens when preparing food with your partner may not have any parallels. I'm grateful for the times we do cook together. It has been on my bucket list to cook a meal naked together - hasn't happened - maybe this year haha!

Connecting with people. I'm so glad to be "meeting" new people on G+. Expanding your circles and connections is useful for business for obvious reasons. But I find that I am entertained and learning neat things all the time on this social network. I will be curious to see at the end of 2014 what kind of things come from getting to know some specific people that I'm particularly inspired by.

Sometimes I find the things I post my gratitude for on one day are quite random in nature with nothing stringing them together except that my eyes were open to recognizing these things on the same day. Are you keeping a gratitude journal of sorts? What were you grateful for today?