Wednesday, January 22, 2014

#Gratitude365 Day 35

#Gratitude365 January 22 2014

Two weeks ago I met up with a group of local mompreneurs and today we met again for informal networking. I was having computer problems and posted to the group that I wouldn't be able to make it. Then after doing so I remembered how happy I was to connect with some of these women two weeks ago. I asked my husband to take the sick patient (my laptop) and cure it and borrowed his laptop to take with me so I could get the few things online done that I needed to and still meet with these women. Keeping with my commitment, finding a way, that is what I'm grateful for today.... AND a husband who knows his shit when it comes to computer problems. Thanks babe!

Plus, I got a facial today. With the dry weather we've been having here in San Diego I needed some extra moisturizing attention and my friend Karen at Firefly Wellness helped my skin feel nice again.

My daughter has student council meetings before school on Wednesday and my husband not only manages to get her there on time, but returned with coffee for me. He knows I'm trying to cut out the sugar and get away from the cappuccinos so he came back with coffee and flavored cream added. Gotta love the support system when you're making changes in your diet. Lots of gratitude for the universe lining things up that I caught this fish!