Sunday, January 26, 2014

#Gratitude365 Day 38

#Gratitude365 January 25 2014

I saw a butterfly go by in the front yard as I left to teach my class this morning. A sweet little sign of nature announcing "Hey, look at me! I am here for you to enjoy!" I used to draw butterflies all the time when I was a little girl. Now Amberly draws butterlfies in her drawings. I love it that we have a shared fondness for this whimsical creature. I wonder what the symbolism is in that? 

Christmas is a month behind us and some of those warm fuzzies that floated around during the holidays have been lingering, some of them seemed to have been boxed up with the Christmas decorations. I'm choosing to be grateful for the ones that are still floating around. For instance the way I see the kids all want to do the same thing and be silly together. Tonight, Cory played Vanilla Ice's Ice Ice Baby on his phone and that immediately had me put on the brakes and start moving. Then Owen wanted him to put on my favorite song, Blurred Lines, which the kids hate. Owen asked me why I like that song so much and I said "It makes me feel like I'm in high school." Things that make us either feel youthful or remind us of "the good ole days." have a way of standing above the rest. The best part was when Gangnum Style came on and Kyle danced his way down the entire stairwell and took over as the little hhip hop dancer! In the past I've wanted to record him, but this time we just embraced the moment and it will live in our memories. We need these crazy impromptu dance parties to blow off steam and laugh. So good for the soul to see everyone share in the moment and feel included and have their part. These moments are the ones. The ones we wait for. The ones that make everything else worthwhile.

Gratitude for butterflies and dance parties. I know there will be many more of them to share this year.