Sunday, January 26, 2014

#Gratitude365 Day 39

#Gratitude365 January 26 2014

Last weekend Amberly and I went to Color Me Mine as part of our mommy-daughter date night and today we picked up our snail planter - I love it! So glad we created this together.

Amberly and I continued on to run a bunch of errands. Normally I hate running errands, but having Amberly with me made it more enjoyable.

We both got a chiropractic adjustment and felt great afterwards. Finally getting her added to my plan for that made her very happy. Grateful to have something nearby that is priced reasonably. One of the things I want to be on top of this year is our health, so this was a step in the right direction.

Had some family visit us today. So fun to see the kids enjoy their time with their 2 year old cousin. I also appreciate Cory's aunt commenting on how well behaved the kids are in general. It makes me pause and gain perspective that some of what they do is just them being kids and always have room for that grey area.

Recently I saw a pretty cool video sharing 25 ways to wear a scarf.... so I wanted to go out and buy a few scarves. Today I did. Thanks to this video for the inspiration:

The other day my sunglasses fell off the couch onto the floor and were stepped on. While I attempted to adjust the hinges and frames, they were still crooked on my face. I showed them to my husband to see if it was a lost cause and he got his pliers out and viola.... I have my favorite sunglasses again! I told him I am going to get him a t shirt that says "I fix shit."

Finding joy in little things like giving gratitude has been a good experience.