Tuesday, January 28, 2014

#Gratitude365 Day 40

#Gratitude365 January 27 2014

It had been over a year since the kids had any kind of throwing up - thankful that I have a go-to remedy. Owen started to get sick kind of all of a sudden at 3:45pm and with my husband getting ready to leave for class within the hour I knew I needed to make a quick run to Sprouts for some Oscillio by Boiron. Sometimes when our bodies go a long time without being sick, it seems like there comes a point where our bodies just need to evacuate some toxins. While I spent the night cuddling Owen on the couch trying to keep him comfortable, the big kids were able to entertain themselves quite well and really were champions. At one point I asked Owen if he wanted to take a bath. So glad I remembered that as a good way to give him some relief. After I got dinner on the table for the other kids I went to go check on him and he had fallen asleep in the bath - completely relaxed. I had to sit and observe him sort of floating and so mellow. At first I thought he was maybe tricking me, but I had to lift him up out of the water to wake him.

Also grateful for my husband making a stop to pick up some 7-Up and Pedialyte and chicken noodle soup on his way home from class. By the time he got home I was ready for bed and Owen was too. He of course wanted to snuggle up in our bed, leaving my husband to want the couch so he wouldn't catch any "sickies."

Kyle was next. Just as I was falling asleep Kyle woke up and started vomiting. Grateful that the boys were staggered just enough so i could care for both of them and Cory could get enough sleep in order to be up for work at 4:30am. No matter how tough things seem, it is important to see what we can be grateful for that is going in our favor. There have been times in the past where we felt like all we did was run a merry-go-round of visits to the bathroom and refreshing towels and emergency pans between all 3 kids in one night.