Wednesday, January 29, 2014

#Gratitude365 Day 41

#Gratitude365 January 28 2014

Staying home and taking care of my sick boys. Yes. For this I am grateful.

Once upone a time I had a job I disliked a whole lot and one of the challenges was that I didn't feel I had the freedom to miss work and take care of my kids when they were sick. Now I have that choice.

There was a lot of getting up to deal with throw up and by the time my daughter woke up for school I had maybe 4 hours of sleep and was so glad when my husband took her to school and let me and the boys stay in bed til 10am - clearly we needed it. AND he got me coffee. He doesn't even ask, he just gets it for me, knowing it will help me get through the day.

A lot of the day was spent cleaning up from them being sick - and they did fine on the couch with Disney movies - thank you Disney! That might be one thing that makes a sick day a little better, is putting in some of your child's favorite movies so they can take their mind off of being sick.

Random awesome youtube videos. Yes, that is another sanity saver for sick days... especially for mom or dad (whoever is staying home to take care of the sick babes). This one just made me smile.

video by stargirlnyc

One of my mamas saw that my boys are sick and offered to come over and let me borrow her essential oils and difuser. I am so grateful because it is Cory's birthday this Friday and we have plans to all go out for a fun dinner and we want to get everyone healthy and keep those of us who are not sick, healthy! Now I'm trying to figure out which doTERRA oils I want to get to start my own little awesome homeopathic pharmacy.
But really, this wonderful mom drove to my house and brought me everything to try and asks nothing in return.

I was trying to catch up on email and Google+ today and saw this fantastic quote graphic (that Leah Segedie at Mamavation posted) that seemed to be directed right at me:

This coupled with the video business training series I started watching from Christine Kane has me seeing some big shifts coming in 2014. Grateful to see some of the same messages reinforced to help drive them home.