Monday, February 3, 2014

#Gratitude365 Day 45

#Gratitude365 February 1 2014

Such a full day! I started out, as I do most Saturdays with two wonderful classes of babies and parents to teach. I was really sleeping quite peacefully and didn't want to get up, but knowing how much fun I will have in class with these dedicated families makes me get up and start the day. Grateful to love what I do and do what I love.

Amberly started softball practices and met her new team for the first one today. Practices will be 3 times a week and two hours each. Whoa. From the introduction both Cory and I feel like this coach is going to be awesome! We've had less than good luck with coaches not being very experienced before, but this one has been coaching 20 years and we can tell he just enjoys it. Gratitude for getting our wish of an experienced coach for Amberly so she can continue to grow in the sport. Oh, and I'm excited to have at least one other player on the team from our school and already know the mom so I have someone to chat with that will extend beyond just the softball field.

During practice the boys were riding their bikes. Eventually they got bored of that. So we did some "races" running across the opposite field and back. I encouraged the boys to take the shoes off as I had done and run barefoot, figuring we would get some extra good energy spent but then get some energy from the earth via a practice I learned from Dr. Mercola called earthing. Have you heard of this? I'm going to make it a goal to do this at every practice I attend. That will be at least a start. After the boys got tired of running they started play leapfrog and doing summersaults in the grass. So fun to just watch them laughing doing something so simple. Grateful for the opportunity to be outdoors together where we can all smile, get fresh air, enjoy some sun and be together. It really is my husband's love of sports that gets us out to do this as a family and it is so good for us.

There was one moment where Kyle was just checking out the leaves on the ground. I was able to get a picture without him complaining. Normally he doesn't like when I take his picture, especially papparazzi style - sneaking instead of asking his permission. Perhaps being outside changes his mood on this issue? Anyway it was cute and I am glad I captured it.

Kyle: Studying the leaves

I did end up bringing the boys home a little early since we had plans for the evening. My thought was to get the dishes done but when I came home, I saw that Cory had already cleaned the whole kitchen! I made sure to tell him what a nice surprise that was. We have this long standing agreement that I will do the dishes and he will take out the trash, I carried the babies in my belly for 9 months and he has regular household maintainence under control. And I do not do his laundry.... so every once in awhile he knows I get sick of doing the dishes because it is a never ending chore. I appreciate his little surprises from time to time. I keep telling him that we need to re-visit this agreement because he is much quicker at doing dishes haha!

Continuing the hubby's birthday weekend we went to see the San Diego Sockers play. This was our second time going to a game and we had a great time. The fact that it was t-shirt night was a bonus. When we got to our seats we saw the kids old soccer coach there with his wife and 3 kids - they go all the time - we'll have to coordinate next time to sit together since we've seen them both times we've been haha! The game was really exciting and fast paced. Our team came back from behind to win it - which makes for an even more fun evening out. One moment I just loved was seeing Kyle take the giveaway shirt off so he could wave it around after a goal had been scored. Cory got a kick out of that too. Thank you San Diego Sockers for providing affordable family fun!