Sunday, February 2, 2014

#Gratitude365 Day 44

#Gratitude365 January 31 2014

Happy Birthday to my husband! We had a pretty chill morning, both of us having the day off. It was kind of overcast, which my husband tends to like so he was happy with that. He had planned to either go play golf or frisbee golf. We had this big discussion about which he was really going to do because I might like to go with him if it was one versus the other. He wanted to know why I wouldn't go if he went golfing and I had to say to him that no matter how much I love him, if he's doing something that I have zero interest in, I'm simply not going to tag along. This whole discussion happened the day before - so worries as no birthday drama was created. After becoming a mom I realized that I have very limited time to choose what I want to do, and I went to way too many baseball games and football games pre-kids that I know better now to choose wisely or I make for lousy company. I'm grateful for coming to this conclusion and being able to state it matter-of-factly. Now, my husband might not be as grateful for this philosophy of mine, but he knows what I mean and therefore I'm grateful for his understanding. I once wanted to go to sushi for my birthday and it was quite pitiful to watch him not eat anything because he does not like sushi one bit. Right then I decided I would only go to sushi for MNO. It just doesn't make sense to have him sit through a meal that he can't stand just to appease me.

Owen gets out a little earilier than the big kids on Fridays so we took him to lunch with us. I had a moment of gratitude in sitting across from these two smiles.

We made plans for the 5 of us to go to dinner at Benihana - it was the first time we've taken the kids. Since our youngest is nearly 5yo we thought we could reasonably sit through a teppanyaki dinner show. Owen did great - he had his moments - but really I am glad we waited to entertain this idea so we had an enjoyable experience. Our chef really made the kids laugh. I'm glad we didn't explain to them what the chef does as they had no expectation walking in other than the chef cooks our meal in front of us. While I enjoy the experience myself, it is really fun to watch your little ones experience something fun and different like this. The way they watched and asked questions and would talk about the "show" afterwards made the steep dinner bill for 5 worth it. This will go on my list of new family traditions - of course trying to remember to go Monday through Thursday to take advantage of the birthday special.

After a fabulous dinner out as a family it was time to get the kids back home to the babysitter so we could go and see American Hustle at Cinepolis! We'd been wanting to see the movie for awhile, and well, a birthday seems like a good enough excuse to splurge on fancy movie theatre tickets. I'm glad we did because this movie was HOT! Seriously, Amy Adam's character got ME hot and bothered. Whomever did her wardrobe for that movie needs a special award. I'm pretty sure Amy Adams is on my husband's celebrity short list  (for that gorgeous red hair) right behind Tina Fey (for her witty comedy writing). I really wasn't sure what American Hustle was about, but the sexy factor and having to think all the way through to stay on top of the con games made it the right pick to see at Cinepolis. Grateful that we managed to get tickets being that we've missed the window of opportunity many times since the theatres are small and tickets are seriously limited.

Just last week I bought a couple of new scarves as I wrote about here and I've actually been practicing. Quick side note, I have bought many things before and not used them the way I imagined I would... so I think blogging about it AND expressing gratitude for the inspiration helps that imagination come to life. I played around with my scarf and wore it 3 different ways this day - one way to dinner - another way to the movie when I found the first style a bit constraining to my neck - and a third way to bed --- thank you Amy Adams for the inspiration.... because it felt like it was my birthday if you know what I mean. I sort of, kind of a lot want to go find a store that has 70's clothes and play dress up. Wouldn't that be fun? Ohhh, I bet there are people throwing American Hustle costume parties. I need to get invited to one of those. I would even get a wig. Red, of course. Maybe for my husband's birthday next year I'll get the wig ; )

What do you do to make birthdays special for others? Do you oblige your significant other in participating in activities you have zero desire in doing?