Sunday, February 16, 2014

#Gratitude365 Day 55

#Gratitude365 February 11 2014

Kids for Peace had their big celebration to wrap up the Great Kindness Challenge and invited me to attend to see what I had helped to create through my twitter support. It was a fun event! Raoul Martinez from Fox 5 San Diego was the emcee and he just loves to laugh and have a good time and the kids take to him really well. It was really great seeing all the sponsors who were in attendance, demonstrating that they really care about this and not just sign a check over.

One of the fun things was meeting Chloe, an 11 year old actress who stars on True Blood.

Chloe Noelle and Me at GKC Celebration

We connected on Twitter and she was cordially invited to be part of the celebration. I'm so glad I happened to notice her and recognized her so I could get a picture. It sounds like she would like to do more with the organization. I'm just amazed at the maturity that I see in kids who have big exciting lives, the way they can take a minute to think outside of themselves and seek out something greater to make a difference.

It has been inspiring to be part of the energy that is exuding from Kids for Peace and I'm so thrilled to continue on in the role of their social media Twitter manager. In just the 3rd year of the Great Kindness Challenge over 500,000 students participated, over 1,000 schools signed up, all 50 states were represented

....and over 27 million Kind Acts were committed. Those are some big big achievements! I went home with a happy heart for sure.