Sunday, February 16, 2014

#Gratitude365 Day 56

#Gratitude365 February  12 2014

Mindful breathing. It is something I know helps center me and I haven't gotten into a habit to do it daily. Today I remembered on two occasions to stop and take a minute to just breathe deeply and pay attention. My mind is so much more clear.

Perhaps it is the mindful breathing that contributes to those amazing shower ideas that come to me. That, or the combination of watching a few business training videos this past week. I remember watching Marie Forleo's series last year and being very inspired. I have 2 ideas that hit me to get one of my projects off the ground - partially inspired by "my birthday wish" FB cover image - now to timeline it out and schedule the action plan.

1. Mindful breathing
2. Free online business training videos
3. Shower ideas