Saturday, February 22, 2014

#Gratitude365 Day 64 (Part 2) HOA Inspires Action

#Gratitude 365 February 20 2014

Yes, I had something else of great importance to write about that I needed to dedicate a separate blog post to it. This is the first time I've done that in this series, but it was necessary.

One of my friends on Google+ co-hosts an HOA (Hangouts On Air) called Legally Speaking. I hadn't tuned in as of yet because the law doesn't interest me. However they had a couple of guests whom I have circled on Google+ and thought to myself "I'm gonna watch and give some support to 4 friends all at once." Not really thinking that I would be too interested. I couldn't watch live because the timing doesn't work out for me, but that is what is so great about HOAs, the ability to watch them later. Well, watch later I did. Three days later. Ooops. Honestly I had forgotten my good intention of supporting my friends and then happened to see a link with a message that the topic would be of great interest. Immediately I tuned in.

I'd already begun reading the book Evernote Success by Jason Frasca and had listened to Les Dossey on his HOA called "Get UnStuck with Les" so I at least knew a little about where each of them were coming from in the topic being delivered

Everyone can stand to become more efficient and effective. Am I right?

Since I've been getting familiar with Google+ over the last few months I've gained clarity in the projects I want to complete to take my brand to the next level. Having a plan of "how" was where I lacked clarity. But we are not supposed to worry about the how in order to get started. So I knew it would just flower when it was supposed to. At a recent meetup with some mompreneurs, one of my friends shared a brilliant idea in breaking down an actionable checklist for all the projects you have going on. This HOA was part of the "a-ha" in not just how to plug in that system, but the going after what I want. 

This is worth watching so I wanted to link it here for you directly:

The actions I took after watching this HOA :

Purchased the book Getting Things Done
Created our family dream vacation vision board with my daughter
Completed my 2014 Vision Board
Did some number crunching to see my dreams can become a reality


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I just went to their event page to say the image they have advertising the show is not so far fetched given the actions I took directly after watching (Clearly they created it with a little tongue in cheek if you read the footnote - but still I will be looking back to this pivotal turning point as 2014 draws to an end). 


I'm grateful for the hosts putting together a great show. Also the guests for sharing some fabulous content.
I'm grateful to myself for taking the leap and watching the show and for taking action. Also grateful for that mompreneur group that I'm part of because while I could not attend the Vision Board meeting on Wednesday night, it made all of this present in my mind. PLUS, my friend Amelia came to my Signing Story Time program and offered to let me take an extra poster board and as many of the magazines as I wanted to create mine since I missed the gathering. That Reticular Activating System is hard at work.