Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Getting Ready for ShiftCon

Yesterday I woke up with a bit of an eye irritation and decided it was best to wear my glasses all day to give my eyes a rest from my contacts. My optometrist says as we get older our eyes do not produce as much moisture as they once did and contact wearers notice it even more as the eyes get dry.

Well, I was taking my daughter and her friends out for her birthday celebration and wanted to put in my contacts so I thought given I'd rested my eyes all  day from contacts I'd be good to go. Wrong.

When I took my contacts out last night my left eye was red. Like, really red. I woke up and checked my eye in the middle of the night - still red.

Great. I leave to a conference in two days and don't want to be a zombie-eyed blogger.

So, this morning the first thing I did after dropping the kids off at school was run to Sprouts Farmers Market and buy this:

I've probably bought 4 boxes of this good stuff over the last year and I'm still ahead in saving money compared to the expensive $90 prescription the optometrist wrote for me a year ago when this eye irritation got really bad. That on top of the fee for the visit! And it happened again 2 months later.... I had a bad habit of falling asleep with my contacts in which exacerbated the problem. After having two expensive eye doctor visits with medication, I decided to see if there were any holistic treatments or homeopathic remedies and sure enough one of my favorite brands, Boiron, creates something that not only gets the job done, but saves me money AND keeps crazy chemicals out of my body.

With Optique 1 I never have to worry about how many drops to use because there are sterile single use doses which means I can stick some in my purse and use when needed.... which is likely what I'll be doing for ShiftCon this weekend.

As it turns out Boiron will be at ShiftCon and I will have to give a big hug to their PR team for turning me onto their products a few years ago!

Looking forward to seeing many friends this weekend for the first conference of it's kind.

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