Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Creating Inspiration - Week 3

I have my moments like every other parent. Ones I'd like to go back in time and erase. Since time travel hasn't worked out for me I have to remind myself of this:

In fact you could put any project or event in place of the word parenting in this quote and it can help you realize you've got time to figure it out before you hit the finish line.

Last month I attended Bloggy Boot Camp, a boutique blogging conference by The SITS Girls where I learned a bunch of things... mostly things I need to work harder at and sometimes in the face of obstacles, challenges, learning new things we can back away from the greatness that lies ahead. Which is why it was so perfect that this was one of the last slides in the recap of the conference.

This one really got me thinking because there's a lot about blogging that pushes me to go outside my little box and more and more in this past month I have been pushing my boundaries of where I'm comfortable. In essence, allowing myself to grow. I don't think we grow from doing what's easy. TWO things that I've done this past 30 days that I thought were hard but did them anyway.... 

Two: Grew my blog tenfold. 

Kind of interesting that I did that second one without the almighty coffee don't you think? 

THIS one may just be worth clicking on and printing to put up on the bathroom mirror. 

So tell me which one of these is speaking to you right now? I'm eager to hear because by sharing our struggles and our inspirations we are helping each other!

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