Sunday, July 5, 2015

All About That Queso

The other day I was shopping at Haggen and spotted Late July Organic Tortilla Chips. But not just the normal multi-grain flavor I've purchased at Costco many times. Nope. These were red and blue! Suddenly I had an idea to create a Red, White & Blue Chip Platter. When we have tortilla chips we always have salsa or guacamole, but this time I wanted a white dip to complete the platter. Ranch dip just wouldn't work and I was drawing a blank. So I did what I frequently do when I'm shopping, I posted to instagram. Nobody replied right away so I finished my shopping and headed home. Later, in the evening I checked Instagram again. My good friend from high school had the perfect solution, white queso. Yes! Why didn't I think of that?

I've had this at two different Mexican restaurants but had never made it myself. I had no idea if it was complicated. Luckily there's Google. I looked at a few recipes and it looked like I'd need a long list of ingredients. I was beginning to feel disappointment. I wanted something simple. Then I saw my friend Maggie's picture next to one of the search results.

Maggie only posts really good stuff. We joke about drooling over our keyboards when we visit her page. When I say "we" I'm referring to the google plus community. It reminds me of how people describe San Diego.... a big town with a small town feel.  I've just been getting back into google plus after a hiatus and have been loving reconnecting with my friends there. And I love that developing those connections there has helped my search results time and time again. It's not just a search, it's like getting a recommendation from your friend without picking up the phone and bugging them. I mean, I know Maggie wouldn't mind if I called her to ask how to make white queso, but this is so easy and ready at the fingertips! So back to the queso.

Maggie had shared a post from Six Sister's Stuff that was exactly what I was in need of; a white cheese dip that was simple! It was like google had a little tab connected to my inner thoughts.

After buying the ingredients I realized we would need to make just half a batch since we were not taking this to a party. This was also going to be shared with the kids and they don't all tolerate spice the way Cory and I like it so I reduced the amount of jalepeno considerably.

Okay, the end result? Ah-mazing. Like I couldn't stop eating it, amazing!

I have a feeling the kids will be asking for this again very very soon. And I will happily oblige!

If you're hosting a party and want a spicy queso for adults, be sure to check Six Sister's Stuff.

Here's how I made mine our family style white queso...


.64 lb white american cheese (a little over half a pound) GET THIS AT THE DELI COUNTER
2 oz. diced green chili (half of a 4 oz. can and store the rest in a plastic container in the fridge)
7 slices of jalepeno from a jar
1/3 cup half and half
1/4 cup cold water


Cube the cheese.
Dice the jalepeno slices - will yield approximately 2 TBSP.
Add all ingredients to a glass bowl.
Microwave on high for a minute, take it out and stir.
Return to microwave for additional minute, take it out and stir.
Repeat this until everything is smooth and creamy. I microwaved it 5 times for a minute each time.
Stir one final time and serve immediately.

If you're using this as a party dip know that the dip will thicken after being out for awhile. Simply pop it back in the microwave for a 30-60 seconds and stir.

I'm so excited that something I've enjoyed time and time again in restaurants is something I now can recreate and enjoy with chips any time. I imagine it would be amazing poured over chicken or shrimp enchiladas, burritos and probably many other delicious Mexican plates. Oh but I'm getting hungry again so I'm going to go warm up the little bit that was left!

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