Saturday, October 10, 2015

Golden Shoes, A Feel Good Soccer Movie About Believing in Goals

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From time to time I am contacted about sharing multi-media entertainment and I don't always have time to share them. However, when I saw this opportunity to share a feel good movie relating to soccer, I jumped at the opportunity because both my boys are big time into soccer.

Golden Shoes is about a boy, Christian Larou, (played by Christian Koza) who loves soccer. and tries to emulate his idol Cristiano Ronaldo. His mother encourages him to work hard and go after his dreams. He's on a soccer team but not seeing a lot of action on the field. His dad is on deployment and he misses him a great deal. Then there's this neighbor who kind of gives him a hard time. After his mother is in an accident and is hospitalized, Christian puts all of his focus on soccer. Throughout the ordeal of staying with his difficult neighbor, Christian is able to stay focused and make the best of the situation. He ends up with some new soccer shoes that have special powers.. Ultimately Christian becomes the star player on his team and is re-united with his mother and father which is all he really wanted.

Here's a preview of Golden Shoes

There were many points in the movie where I saw the choice to not react to negative situations presenting themselves being a good lesson for my boys. Sometimes we are dealt a hand of cards that seem wildly unfair. Owen especially loved the cool foot work that Christian displays in the movie. Staying positive despite what is happening all around you is something kids struggle with and mine maybe even more than others. I was excited to share with Owen that he would be able to talk with the star of the movie and ask him some questions. One of Owen's good friends and former soccer teammate, Jaxon, got to take part in the interview too. It's really fun to watch two six year old boys who are told they are going to talk to a real live movie star get excited and practice their questions.

Here, the boys are studying their questions. And being reminded to speak slowly and clearly on the phone. They picked out which questions they would ask on their own.

I greeted Christian when the phone rang then let the boys take over.

They were excited to take the call and talk to Christian Lazo!

Owen: "How long have you been playing soccer?"

Christian: "Since I was 3 years old."

Jaxon: "Do you have any good soccer tips?"

Christian: "Yes. Practice everyday and always take your ball with you everywhere so you can practice wherever you are."

Sometimes we need a little help from our friends reading a question!

Owen: "What's your favorite post game snack?"

Christian: "Pretty much anything!"

Jaxon: "What did you like most about making this movie?"

Christian: "Getting to play soccer, have fun and work with my dad."

Joann: "Are you working on any other projects right now?"

Christian: "Yes, we're working on a script for Golden Shoes 2."

We wrapped up the call after a few minutes of chatting. Christian asked the boys the names of their soccer team and how long they've been playing. I think these two had quite the kickoff to their weekend hearing from someone twice their age that knows a thing or two about soccer.

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If you are a soccer mom I'm sure you'll find this movie to have some good lessons for your player that transcend over to life.

Here's one those little life lessons Owen wanted to share:

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